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Sep. 23rd, 2008

Mario, Jamie, Parody, Took, Super

Introduction - Part 2: "The About Me Thing..."

Name: Jamie Took

Nicknames: The DaddyBearHunter

Current Age: 28 on September 16th 2008

Current Residence: Right this very second? Somewhat of a crappy 1 bedroom apartment in NF Canada.

Interests: Sexual interests or more boring ones? Hah! It all depends on the mood really, but my main interests are men, music, men, digital arts, men, photography and men ... yup, that’s pretty much it.

Favourite movies: Are we talking porn or commercial stuff here? :P I’ll go with Sin City and Die Hard 4 ... Bruce Willis ... hmmm

Favourite band or musician: Pink. There is no other like Pink.

Favourite genre of music: Pop, Rock and Classical Music

Favourite style or digital art: I’d probably prefer traditional work more if I weren’t allergic to some mediums. Digital art is definitely my thing.

MP3 player of choice: iPod?

Favourite game: “Does it fit in there!” HAH! I’m totally kidding around. I mostly have wasted time on World of Warcraft when I was back in school, but I did pass through all the Final Fantasy series as well as Deus Ex, Max Payne and my secret passion is ... Singstar ...

Favourite gaming platform: Play Station 3, all the way.

Favourite cartoon character: I think that there are way too many to list down at this point ... But I would probably sat Bruce Wayne (Batman.)

Personal Quote: “We live only once.”

Tools of the Trade: My laptop, my passport and my father’s bank account.

And this is where the questions get a little spicier.


How many people have you slept with? Hmm, I guess we’re jumping to the tough questions right away huh? I’ve spent most my late teens as well as my early 20s like the average mama’s boy, focusing mostly on my studies and keeping my parents happy, so all in all, I can count 9 partners up to last year. When the summer of 2007 came, that changed. I guess I’m still trying to figure out what type of guys I like, or what kind of kinks I’m into. I’m not whore really; I just want to enjoy this one shot at like. So I guess the answer to this question is “a lot”


Let’s break it down, what is the highest number of people you've had sex with in a 24 hour period: Hmm, well that’s kind of too personal no? Who am I kidding? I think that has to be 7. Not much, but more than the average Joe I guess. Let’s just say that the blue pill took over my completely that day.

At what age did you lose your virginity: I was 15, and it was “lost” to our plumber. I guess we needed to fix each other’s tubes huh?

How many blow jobs have you given: I think this is a question more suitable for a straight guy. I mean, which gay man can really count the amount of blow jobs they have given? I don’t know, I’ll answer with more than you can count.

How many one night stands have you participated in: That’s what I’m all about. If I can’t count the amount of times I had sex, I surely can’t count how many times I had a one night stand.

Did you ever have sex with your friend's significant other: No, I haven’t, yet I can’t say for sure that I’d never do it.

Did you ever cheat: I never wanted a relationship for this very same reason. I know I probably would.


Would you enjoy the idea of being part of a threesome: Of course I would. In fact I’ve experienced one before.


Did you ever participate in group sex of 4 or more: Yes, once.

Would you enjoy the idea of being watched when you masturbate: Not at all, which is why I never do the whole “c2c.” I might be an exhibitionist, but that just leaves nothing to the mystery of having being there in person. It kills the mood for me entirely.

So how often do you masturbate: It really depends on a lot of factors. If I had had sex the day before, then probably only one. If I’m going to go out on a date that night, then probably twice during the day. If I’m home alone and not planning on going out, then three to four times, sometimes more, sometimes less.

What do you masturbate to: Lots of stuff really, may it be porn, stories, comics, fantasies, cyber sex ... Masturbation is just something which is in my system, like eating and breathing. There’s nothing wrong with it, right?

Can you, or rather, do you masturbate while driving: I never did while I was writing, but I have masturbated in the passenger’s seat while blowing the driver. Does that count?

Who was the most forbidden person you wanted to bang: Forbidden? I don’t know really. Unless we start listing Hollywood celebrities ... Hmmm ... Bruce Willis ...

Do you like the taste of pussy: Not my thing...

Do you like the taste of cum: More than fresh carton of milk!

Would you let someone piss on you if they begged you: I doubt they’d have to beg that much. It happened before. Actually the first time it happened, I was caught by surprise. The dirty old man pissed down my throat while I was blowing his cock. He forced my head still and pushed his dick in deeper in my mouth when he was about to do it ... it was quite the shocker.

How many times can you cum consecutively in the same session: If I prepare for it, I can go up to 6 to 8 times, but in a normal session, maybe 3 or 4 times.


Do you use sex toys: Of course, and I’m slowly gathering quite the collection too. I don’t use them that often though, only once a week or so when I’m alone, yet I do like to mix it up a little when in company.

Where is the craziest place you've had sex: The day I lost my virginity, on my parent’s bed.

Do you like anal, being a top and/or bottom: Of course, that’s what it all comes down to right?

Do you like to be rimmed: “You always rim it before fucking it.” That’s a personal rule.


Do you ever fantasize about being raped: I’ve fantasized about it, I’ve role played it, and I’ve enjoyed it. As twisted as it sounds, I think most men would enjoy it to some level or another.

Do you ever fantasize about being treated like a piece of meat: Oh yes! And it’s always really hot!

Do you have a foot fetish: I have a light foot fetish, but it’s not something I could get off on.

How often do you usually have sex: It varies really, but on average around 2 to 3 times a week or so.


Where would you consider to be your “hot spot”: That probably has to be my neck ... Yeah ... the neck.

When you're with your significant other, do you think of others to get off: I don’t have a significant other, but I did have one night stands and pictures I was in the presence of someone else other than whoever I was with then.

What was weirdest thing you have masturbated with: Ugh, there were too many to categories them by weirdness. I absolutely have no idea ...

Have you met anyone off craigslist and had sex the first night: Craiglist no, other websites yes.

How many porn's do you have: I hard drive of 500 gigabytes full.

Have you ever faked an orgasm: It’s really hard for us men, but I faked shooting a blank before to get out of sex.

What is your favourite sexual position: If I’m topping then I like my “partner” to be on his back, his feet around my waist line or over my shoulders. If I’m bottoming, then I’d like to start on all fours until i get used to the initial pressure, then you can pose me anyway you like.  


Have you ever paid someone for sex: No, and I never will.

Have you ever had sex in a club: I’ve thought about it but never have.

How many is too many: Too much is when you start doing harm to yourself or others. Besides that, it’s all healthy.


What is your dirtiest fantasy: There is no way I could answer that. I’d be up all night writing. Besides, fantasies are an intimate part of us. I wouldn’t share that much on my second post on an online blog! Maybe later on in the future. ;)


Have you ever taped yourself: No.

Have you ever taken dirty pictures of yourself: No.

When you look in the mirror at your own naked body, do you get aroused: I hate how narcissistic this question makes me sound, but it has happened before.

Have you ever played with yourself in the mirror: It makes me feel too vane, I don’t like it, but I did have sex in front of a mirror and that’s extremely hot!

How many times have you tried to orally service yourself: Plenty as a kid, but I gave up on it long ago.


Have you ever had sex with someone and didn't know his or her name: Yes, that has happened before. I can remember one particular person whom I didn’t even talk to. It was all about eye contact. The only words spoken were “fuck yeah!” which is what he said as I blew my load in his mouth.


Have you ever had sex with anyone famous: If you consider gay porn actors famous, then yes, otherwise, no.

What is your biggest complaint about your sex life or partner: I don’t have any ... I love it as it is.


Have you ever done it in an elevator: I’ve made out in an elevator and had a big man press himself to be as he raped my mouth with his tongue as the elevator rushed up to his hotel room.


How long does it take you to get off alone: Pretty much the same amount of time it takes me to cum when I’m with someone. Around 30 to 40 minutes I guess, unless I’m in a rush!

What is the one thing upon sight that will always get you horny: A beefy daddy bear in a jockstrap or dirty talk ... instantly hard and horny ...

What do you prefer, domination or submission: I’m usually always the sub, and I love it.

Which is the better sex, sober, buzzed or drunk: I don’t know to be honest with you. I think they all have their perks. I do have to admit though that the big cocks require me to be pretty much hammered to take as a bottom. I’m can be quite tight back there! :P

Whish is better, the thrill of getting caught, or the thrill of doing something considered wrong: “Wrong” is always relative, so I guess it’s the thrill of getting caught.

Have you ever have sex in a fairly obvious spot hoping you'd get caught: Intentionally no, but I have been caught having sex multiple times.

Do you enjoy costumes: Costumes no, but uniforms, that’s a totally different thing!

Is there a song which reminds you of sex:

Did you ever take part in a porno or make a home-movie of yourself: No

Have you ever had sex with someone of another race: Of course. What kind of question is that?

Have you ever used someone: Sadly...

Do you feel like masturbating right now: Not after all this writing ... I’m worn out.

Are you going to: I might in a short while. It all depends on the mood, right?



Sep. 21st, 2008

Mario, Jamie, Parody, Took, Super

Introduction - Part 1: "Thats why I came to Live Journal."

Many have been asking me about my blog after having has a taste of the introduction for “A 100 Willie-Hats.” Even though that’s not only a writing project in progress, I have to admit, I’m still in its research phase if you know what I mean, *laughs to himself thinking about it.*

For those of you who don’t know, “A 100 Willie-Hats” is somewhat like an autobiography which narrates what happened to me after I finished my Musical Theatre course. It’s quite a journey I have to say. One filled with self exploration and self gratification too!

On that note, I’ll give you a peek of what the “cover illustration” for that blog will be once it’s out and about. I worked on it for quite a while, and the ones who saw it up to now thought it was hilarious and very fitting with the introduction I gave previously to the “project.”

So while you all wait for the blog or book, whatever you would like to call it, filled with sexy and smutty stories, I decided to start dropping a few lines here so that you can get to read more about Jamie Took each passing day. I do promise to keep my writing as humorous and vicious as what you’ve read so far *smirks a little to himself.*

I also have to say that when I first posted the “sample work” of my writing, I got a lot more positive feedback that I would have ever imagined, and I surely did not want to either disappoint, nor let my “fans” hanging, hence, to those who did enjoy my reading, I hope that you will also have loads of fun getting to know me better though this LiveJournal.

And last but not least, let me take this opportunity to thank all those who have read my work and supported me into keeping at it. You have no idea how much I appreciate that gesture, and will do my best not to let you down.

On that note, I’m going to fix up the layout for THIS blog now, so I’ll get back to you all very shortly.

Lots of Big Bear Hugs

Jamie A. Took

Mario, Jamie, Parody, Took, Super

September 2008



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